Precious Metal Recycling: Recovery and Purification of Iridium Trichloride

Hello, friends. In this issue, we delve into the recycling of iridium trichloride. Let’s dive straight into the topic and explore the intricacies of this recycling process.
Platinum group metal
Iridium trichloride is typically a by-product in chemical processes, so we need to refine it from these complex mixtures. The first step in extraction is separation, where the iridium-containing solution is isolated from other unrelated substances. We use solvent extraction, a method capable of dissolving iridium trichloride while leaving other substances undissolved.

Next, we obtain a solution containing iridium. However, what we need is pure iridium trichloride, so the next step is purification. Generally, we employ chemical precipitation methods. By adding specific chemical reagents, iridium trichloride precipitates out of the solution in solid form.

The precipitated iridium trichloride cannot be used directly; it requires further processing, such as drying and purification. Drying is straightforward, involving the removal of water from the precipitate. Purification is done through heating to remove any potential organic impurities, ensuring we obtain high-purity iridium trichloride.


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